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How to hack wifi with pc or android browser in just 6 step?

Hack WIFI Password with PC or Android

WIFI hacking is most popular topic among peoples. We all know How to hack wifi using app?
But this is not based on the security type of wifi instead it is based on router.
Without wasting a nano second start our tutorial.


Hack Wifi with pc 2016:

Here is a detailed information on how to exploit the vulnerability of an ADSL router:

1.Go to Once the page is loaded, you will find your IP address. Note it down.
2.Open Angry IP Scanner, here you will see an option called IP Range: where you need to enter the range of IP address to scan for.
Suppose your IP is, you can set the range something as to so that there exists at least 200-300 IP addresses in the range.
3.Go to Tools->Preferences and select the Ports tab. Under Port selection enter 80 (we need to scan for port 80). Now switch to the Display tab, select the option “Hosts with open ports only” and click on OK.
(I have used Angry IP Scanner v3.0 beta-4. If you are using a different version, you need to Go to Options instead of Tools)

4.Now click on Start. After a few minutes, the IP scanner will show a list of IPs with Port 80 open.

5.Now copy any of the IP from the list, paste it in your browser’s address bar and hit enter. A window will popup asking for username and password. Since most users do not change the passwords, it should most likely work with the default username and password.
 For most routers the default username-password pair will be admin-admin or admin-password.

6.Just enter the username-password as specified above and hit enter. If you are lucky you should gain access to the router settings page where you can modify any of the router settings. 
Router Settings Page Hacked!
Go to WLAN where your will find curren password of wifi

If you can identify ip of any wifi then use above method to hack any wifi :)

What can a Hacker do by Gaining Access to the Router Settings?
By gaining access to the router settings, it is possible for an attacker to modify any of the router settings which results in the malfunction of the router. As a result the target user’s computer will be disconnected from the Internet. In the worst case the attacker can copy the ISP login details from the router to steal the Internet connection or even hijack the DNS by pointing it at a rouge DNS server. If this happens, the victim will have to reconfigure/reset the router settings in order to bring it back to normal.

All the information provided in this post are for educational purposes only. Please do not use this information for illegal purposes.