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How to Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In Single Click?


Hello friends i m back for your help, many of us want promote their pages, wants to be friend with larger mass, fb groups are best places for this.but posting single post into all groups take a day.
This tutorial help you in posting and save your time too.


1. First of all you need to join lots of facebook groups related to your blog niche.

2. After getting approval from groups admin we have to collect the facebook e-mail addresses of joined facebook groups.

3. Some groups provide their facebook e-mail address in their group info.Otherwise we have to find the username of the group.We can easily get the username of facebook groups by opening them into our browser.After opening groups you can see group address on our browser address bar.It will something like below link.

4. Copy the username of the facebook group and paste them into notepad.

5. Now its time create facebook groups e-mail address from their usernames.We just need to paste the username just before facebook groups e-mail address look like below e-mail address.

6. Use above steps to create e-mail address for all joined groups and don't forget to separate them with commas(,).After creating e-mail addresses for all groups save them into notepad etc.

7. Now sign in your e-mail address which you have used to create account on facebook.

8. Than click on compose e-mail option.

9. Now copy all facebook groups e-mails and paste them into BCC field.

10. Now compose compose you mail with text,links and images that you want to post.And click on send button.

11. That's it.Now check facebook groups, your message is successfully posted in all groups.


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