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Set WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping

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One of the worst thing we don’t like about WhatsApp is cropping our profile pictures. Not only WhatsApp but Instagram, Hike and google plus also forces us to crop our profile picture while uploading. 
 we have a perfect solution which adds some background in the image to make it square. And the best part is you can choose the color of the background, add custom patterns or blur it.

Note>>This method not only works for WhatsApp but you can use it on any social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hike, google plus to avoid cropping of your profile picture.

Set WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping On Android

First download app: Download NoCrop Here.

  • After you found it, install it on your device.
  • Launch NoCrop and tap on gallery.

  • Now select a picture which you want to use as your WhatsApp Profile Picture.

  • Now you have multiple choices to choose background color or patterns, The first one will add white background. If you want to set some custom color then you can select the second button. I usually select blur (third one) as it looks good.

  • If you scroll on the right side then you can have varieties of different patterns and designs. You can experiment with these and find the one which suits you.
  • Tap on the share icon on the top right corner and select Save. The picture will be automatically saved to your gallery.
  • Now open WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook and set your profile picture without cropping.

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