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Use app Earn unlimited 3G Data No limitation

In my last article i described about how you can earn mone + 100 MB 3G data by referring your friends. In case if you don't have a large friend circle having android device, so your earning of data will stuck in few 100 or 200 mb.
In this tutorial you don't need to make a request  to download app and blah blah..
You just have browse through this which i m going to mention , the more you browse, the more you earn free data, its like refund  simple !

  Free Data Recharge - DataBack- screenshot thumbnail

How to earn Free 3G data by just surfing Net


1- DataBack App
2-Working Net connection
3- creative brain (to think different ideas)

Tutorial to earn data using Databack App

Step 1- Fist download this short app DataBack

Step 2- If its ask for create an account , register with promo-code RAJ6432 you mobile number, your first 100 mb in your account.

   Free Data Recharge - DataBack- screenshot

Step 3- Download any app, which mention in databack's offer list (Like TaskBucks , Saavn which has high refund offer)

Now trick to earn unlimited using Databack app

Now you have Two method to earn much data without Spending 1 RS

Method 1 - Using Airtel 1.2 GB Offer

 Airtel provide you free 100 of Mb for use in night.(If you don't Know about this click here)

Step a - Run Databack app and click on any  app that you have been downloads  in Step 3. (You can also choose more than one app i advice you choose to use saavn)

Step b- Play songs in gana app or browse any other app through you night pack of airtel, this data data will converted to your 3g data tha you can use in any time not limited to night pack(12-6AM).

   Free Data Recharge - DataBack- screenshot

Thus your free 1.2 GB airtel free data will converted for your daily use  without any limitation.

Method 2- Using 50% cash offer of Airtel

Airtel providing an offer that is activate any night pack and 50% cash of data pack will be back to your account.(if you don't know what is it? click here

Step 1- First unlock your 50% cash back offer using My airtel app or by any other method.

Step 2- Activate any night pack in airtel.

Step 3- Open databack app and choose any app ( in my case i would like to choose saavn , enjoy music and get back your data)

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. If  you have any another creative idea to use this trick please share with other


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