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How to start blogging with free googl site?

How to start a blog?

Need a blog, but finding the blog creator sites too hard for you to use? You can use Google Sites as an alternative for making a blog. Using it to make a blog will be quick, easy and enjoyable. BTW there are many blogging platform i have listed below:
  1. Wordpress(Non hosted)
But all of them blogger(google site) is best choice for a newbie because it is free, simple design and support of google make it good choice for you. If you want spend some money for blogging, wordpress (hosted) will be best choice for you. This time i not going to detail of hosted and non hosted sites.
You can also apply for Free wordpress but there is no option option for customization of your blog. 

Why blog at Blogspot (

Yeah this question should be come in your mind. As i early mention that there are many blog platform are available, with different kind of feature. Like wordpress (subdomain) has a large collection of SEO ,RESPONSIVE and Beautiful themes.
The following are valid reasons for choosing blogspot as your blog/site:
  1. Support of Google:Since blogspot is google platform, so its supported by google. Google will always there for your help.
  2. Loved by Google search Engine:Google make blogger to SEO Friendly that means your blog can be in top Google search result, simply more traffic without paying for it.
  3. Full option of customization: The best about blogger is it allow you to fully customize your blog with simple layout setting. Where your can HTML/Javasript, images and other widgets.
  4. Easy to use: There is no need to say how much easy environment provided by blogger, it so simple to use as your working in you word-pad. You can also open your blogger account in your mobile the help of Blogger mobile app.
  5. Adsense ready: If you want to make some money with your blog then blogger allow you to earn money with inbuilt option of adsense account.Where your can earn upto 200$ without knowledge of Programming language. You don't need to put ads code in you blog, google put itself ads in your blog when you are ready for adsense.

Step by Step guide to create free blog

Sign Up to blogger account: 
Go to, and sign up with your g-mail.If you don't have a google account , create one for free.

Give a title and  Url your: 
Give a attractive name and easy url to your blog/website, it is really make sense with having a good name blog, if in future people just for your blog in google, your blog should be in top result.So keep calm and think for a good name be creative.Don't panic you can change it in future. 
Note>> Avoid using your name as the url and instead use some generic name that you can bran later , try to be pro.

Select a Basic theme.
Blogger provide some basic themes, i know themes are not attractive, don't worry i will post some tutorial so your blog will look like professional website.It is a basic step so choose any theme.

Add a description to your site. Although optional, this is a helpful addition for readers to understand the flavor of your blog. But in google result it make some value when readers read your websites description they decide to click on your website or not.
Write a good description.

Click in the bottom. Click to create your blog.Now your blog is created, but  your are not done yet. There are few setting that you need to set on your newly created blogspot blog. Now go Dashboard where you will see your blog's all detail like traffic( page views), traffic source, post, pages, layout and other setting.

Now customize your blog with widget-READ POST : How to add widget in blogger?

Future posts:

I will post in future how to fully customize your blog, how to make a good post, extra extra. Future post are listed below.
  • How to give your blog a professional design?
  • Difference between post and page.
  • How to add logo in your blog?
  • How to add floating social buttons?
  • What is google adsense and its alternative?
  • Earning site for blogger and non blogger?
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