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First on net:A New Tool Can Hack Facebook Accounts 2016 tricks


Hacking facebook account is getting harder and harder, in fact facebook spending daily thousands of million $ in its security. Hacker find way a to hack facebook accounts bu
t in few days facebook fix this. Leave this topic we forward to our hacking tutorial.

How this hack facebook accounts?

A tool which is designed to hack into Facebook accounts contains a noted Spyware “Remtasu” which has the ability to collect the users information and then uploading it to a remote server under the hacker’s control.

This Spyware is type of malware detected almost four years ago. This tool finds, collects 
and steals user’s information. Rematasu, a spyware can log keystrokes, steal data from the clipboard and saves the information to local files. After extracting all information, it later uploads it to a remote FTP Server works as a keylogger.

A New Tool Can Hack Facebook Accounts

The most recent version of this spyware, Win32/Remrasu.Y has been closely observed since the start of the year which engages in infecting the computers.

The earlier versions of this spyware used Spam Email and targeted Microsoft Office Files in order to infect the computers. However, Win32/Remtasu.Y engaged distinct proposal, hiding the executable of an app named as Hack Facebook.

How this Spyware works ?

  1. Log keystrokes.
  2. Acquire information present on the clipboard.
  3. Save stolen info to local files.
  4. Upload the local files to a remote FTP server.
  5. Copy itself to the Windows System32 folder, using a general name.
  6. Makes a new registry key to launch the Remtasu process upon system reboot.
However this dreaded malware isn’t spread using Spam email but it is present on websites with direct download from where users tend to download it themselves after noting advertising for its potential.

Since users can’t help but know about what the other users are doing on their respective Facebook Accounts. This malware received fame in short span of time and became most popular Remtasu version on the market in just few weeks after being observed.
According to ESET reports, most users infected by this spyware are residing in Columbia (65%), Thailand (6%), Mexico (3%) and Peru (2%).
The virus remains in the computer system even when the victim reboots their system or attempts to find the threat in the list of active processes.
In this case, the malware replicates itself, saving the copy in a folder that it also creates within the system32 folder. The new InstallDir folder remains hidden inside the system files, making it difficult for users to access.
If you try to hack any Facebook Account via Remtasu, they may hack your account instead of your friend. They may hack your account on pretext of hacking friend’s account. So, if you want to use this tool, use it at your own risk. So, we hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to share this with your friends.


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