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How to add leverage cache file in blogger?

Importance of cache file in blogger

Greeting to all friends,
When we discuss about our blog speed, we mention many points such as image size, useless gadget, size of main page(home page) and  heavy java script or css files. But one important point we forget that is Cache in our blog?  Cache is most important factor in speeding
up your blog 10 times faster. Since almost every blog writer(admin) never notice this point or he may ignore this point. So i m trying to discuss this main factor How to add cache file blogspot ?
In blogge there is no direct option for uploading any cache file to blogger as in wordpress hosting we can upload file direct to wordpress. Before we put our cache file to blogger lets learn what is browser cache and its important.

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Cache definition and its important?

Browser caching stores webpage files on a local computer usually in your computer driver or mobile's phone storage as cache, when a user visits a webpage. So when next time user again visit to your website/blog, browser open your blog and  cache file too. Result is fast loading of your website. Cache file not always available for browser, there is self destruction command on cache file. Thus cache file expired in 3 days (as user defined time).

Can i control cache in browser/blogger? 

Yes! yes you can control your cache file. If you want to control or modify the time of destruction you have to understand a new term called Leverage?
"Leveraging" browser caching is when a webmaster has instructed browsers how their resources should be dealt with.

In simple word leverage means how longer your cache will available for browser? When a web browser displays your webpage it has to load several things like your logo, your CSS file, and other resources.

When you leverage browser caching, your webpage files will get stored in the browser cache. Your pages will load much faster for repeat visitors and so will other pages that share those same resources. If you have tested your blogger for speed and found out that you need to leverage browser caching, (if you not tested your blog speed test it) now in  here is how you do it.

How to add cache file in blogspot?

Step1: First of all login your blogger account.

Step2: Now go to Template of your blogger and Click on Edit Html

Step3: Find using (ctrl+f)  <head>  and paste the following code after "<head>" .

Step4. It will look like this screen shot and Click on save now.

Detail of codes: "expiration" referred for the time in which your cache data will expire. Here i fix time to 7 days for CSS and Java script file and 3 days for images, you can change it with your own.

Note>>Don't set long expires date for blogger blog's file in leverage browser caching header. Since if you set long expire date then it will take some time for update the changes from your blog.

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Now your blogger much faster then usual ;)