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How to get Fake +63 Whatsapp number ?

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How to get free +63 Whatsapp number ?

How to get free +63 Whatsapp number

Greeting to may all friends,
I think you must ever join a Hacking group in whatsapp, then you must notice that there are some members having different mobile number such as +63*********. In simple words those are Indian whatsapp user using +63 whatsapp number or +63 as their country code. Many of you know how this done, so this article is only for beginners.You are not bounded to use this trick only for whatsapp, you can also use this trick for hike, line or for other social apps.

 Trick Behind Fake +63 whatsapp number?

There is nothing special trick behind it, we can use some app or website to get +63 mobile number, in this tutorial i am using an app. You just sign up with you original mobile number in an app and app provide you +63 number. When you will use this trick you will understand that +63 number is not a new number instead it is your own number ;).

How to create whatsapp account with +63 number?

Step1. To get +63 number we  need an app called Talk2 app. You can download in from playstore or directly from here.

Step 2. This step is very simple, install & open the app and create a new account  using your Indian number on this app.

+63 Whatsapp number image
Talk 2 app

Step 3. Now copy or note your new number, starting with +63 from the Talk2 app.

Step 4. If your already have installed, clear data of it and open it. Now Put your copied +63 number in whatsapp as your new number to verify it.
Note>> put your new number and your country code must be +63.

Step 5. First whatsapp try to verify by sms, you don't need to verify you new number by sms. Wait 2-3 minutes, it will ask you to verify your +63 number through Call.
+63 Whatsapp number image
Whatsapp verification

Step 6. Now, click on call me option and soon you will receive a call in Talk2 app.Take your call and note code. 

Step 7. Put that code in whatsapp and enjoy your new +63 whatsapp number
+63 Whatsapp number image
Verification done

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