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How to share block link in facebook?

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Hi guys, i hope you must read my post How to make money from blog using url shorten, where i describe some url shorting site, one of them best site was Many of user using this site to earn, but some of them facing a problem that now facebook treating as spam, so they are not able to send their link in facebook. 
If you share a huge amount of your links on Facebook, they can sometimes be blocked. In this post I will show you how to post your links on Facebook and benefit from it.
The first thing you can do in order to avoid blocking your links is posting them carefully. By sharing too much links in a small amount of time (mass posting) you run the risk of your links being blocked by Facebook algorithm.
Below I present what else you can do to share links on Facebook.

Use alternative domains

The best way to bypass facebook spam algorithm is changing domain. Yes it work fine.Here’s a list of domains you can use in order to substitute 
You can substitute with them and here’s how to do it:
  • Take your link, i.e.: the back half of your link (in our example it’s: zVr8)
  • Put this code after one of the domains, for example: “”:
  • You can post the link on Facebook now, or…

Hide your link behind ‘bitly’ and its alternatives

You can also use popular bitly to hide your link or to defeat the facebook. Choose a link you wan’t to share, for ex.: .  Go to and shorten this link:
After 1 sec you will have a link ready to use. Just copy and paste it on Facebook.


Use our alternative domains randomly in order to prevent blocking them on your Facebook account. Also, try not to post links in too small time intervals.


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  5. Sorry guys... as soon as possible i will share new method.

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  14. plz update the article,

  15. That was a nice post.Now FB have blocked all the domains.Even twitter too blocked.We have to search for more ways.