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Mini Militia Unlimited Cheats and Hacks


Mini militia Hacks and Tricks

mini militia tricks

Hi guys, few days ago I started playing Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia (Mini militia for short), best multiplayer game. As a beginner it is seem discomforting but with practice and tricks, everyone can be an expert. In this post I will share every tricks and popular mods of this game. So you can play easily and surprised you friends with your high rank.
Let’s first under what is mini militia? Mini militia is most demanded game. It can be downloaded for IOS and Android. This game is about combat, which can be played online and offline (with wlan) with 6 or more player. If you find this game discomforting, you can practice offline with Sarge and grind to sharp your skills. You don’t need a high RAM and high storage phone to run this game; it is only 42MB in size, which can be easily installed.

 Mini militia Tricks

mini militia hack image
1. Use the Melee
Sometime player need more speed to boost rocket (fly) or to run. And some time player can be out of boost/gas.  Use of melee can boost player’s rocket speed as well as player’s running speed. Melee is perfect way to speed up; there is no other way to run faster.
2. Crouch When Enemy Fires and though grenade.
The best way to save player health is crouch or squat when an enemy fires at player. Grenade makes most damage, when a grenade thrown your way and player isn’t in the position to move, crouching or squatting can reduce damage.
3. Have the Shield at All Times
As what the elders say, nothing beats being prepared and with playing Mini Militia, being prepared is your key to survival and one way to do that is to have your shield at all times. When an enemy attacks you, or when a bomb was thrown your way, having your shield at all times can protect you from having too much damage and even save your life force. Take note that the shield can act as your life raft just in case enemies surround you.
4. Copy Paste while Chatting
While playing online, most people waste their time chat and not change state to “ready”. The best way to with such guys is, paste the word i like to move-it in chat bar. It will direct you to automatic game time.
5. Mini militia dialogues

Making sound in game is great way to show you feelings, such as you want to admire some shot, NICE SHOT will great to show your joy.
Use following code in you chat room.
Ø Remember all codes are case sensitive, type all codes in Uppercase (capital letter).
§  BI – bring it
§  LG – lets go,yea
§  RU – ready up
§  GS – get some
§  NN – noooooooooooo
§  HH –  A perfect fighting machine
§  CM – cover me
§  CB – come on boy
§  MO –  move out
§  WP – You wanna piece of me!
§  GG – Good Game
§  GM – Oh, They got me!
§  NS – Nice shot

6. Do not be slow
This game is all about speed and perfect weapon. Always choose small but useful weapons that allow player to move fast. Choose weapons wisely, use them based on location and need. Don’t use two heavy weapons together.
7. Invest in Battle Points
Battle points are most important, required in the game. To collect battle points, you need to play this game online. As you must have known while playing the game, the battle points are your means to buy upgrades and items on the mini militia store. So, without those battle points, the upgrades could not be achieved. So, to gain more battle points and achieve more, the best option to opt for is the multiplayer online battles or the Quick play options that allows other players as well.
8. Upgrade REGEN
You need more boost, to fly high. Upgrade REGEN which can increase 50% of your jet pack and its recharge. It will also reduce the waiting time and allows player for more stable actions. You need to invest some point on it.
Ø Go to setting then store to upgrade any items.
9. Upgrade Health REGEN
As you know health is the key to win the game. So invest in health pack which can recharge your health double time.
With this game, your health is the key to your success. You need to invest in Health pack so that you can recharge your health double time
10. Buy the Golden Eagle and other Items at hand
If you want to win more and gain more, get the golden eagle gun. It can be bought at the mini militia store for 250 battle points. It can help you in your game time.

There are total 14 another items to upgrade such as gas grenade, laser sight etc. You need more points to upgrade all, play online to make points.

Mini militia cheats

Enter the following codes (uppercase) in the Chat Room to enable the corresponding effect:

7,000 Battle Points: Enter ‘gummy bear’ in chat room for gain 7,000 battle points.

Captain of the Army: Enter ‘duke’ to become the captain of the army.

No Reloading: Enter ‘tootsie pop’ for unlimited fire, no reloading required.

Pro Player Pack worth $0.99 for free – FH_sddpsGGOdf
Battle Point Pack – One worth $0.99 for free – FZ_JpGdGF8E2W
Battle Point Pack – Two worth $0.99 for free – HF_FrT1savf2o
Battle Point Pack – Three worth $0.99 for free – MG_lp85n3qFt5
Battle Point Pack – Four worth $0.99 for free – SD_52FNXtsF2x

 Mini militia God mode

If you are beginner than and thinking to earn more battle points, you can use this mod which will not only help you to earn more point as well as it will increase you rank. Use this mod and practice online, when you get familiar with controls and game, install original version of this game.
People will understand that you are using mod version, they may leave lobby. In some worst cases they may start abusing. So use mod in your own risk.

How to find a mod user?

There are many type of mod such as god mod, infinite bullet etc which can be used by players. It is to identify such user; a player with 99 ranks is a mod user. A mod user will never die; their jet pack will never end.
mini militia god mode image
Ø Remember there are many expert players with higher ranks; so don’t call them mod user.
The best trick is use mod version and makes some great points and ranks. Then upgrade all items, in this time you will have good control on game. Now install original game (replace mod with original game: install original version without uninstalling mod), this will save your all game data such as your rank, battle points etc.
Ø Please comment your favorite Mini militia dialogues, weapons and levels (locations).


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