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Hack clash of clans via wapka phishing


How to make clash of clans phishing site

clash of clans phishing site

Hi guys, hacker not only enjoy breaking systems, sometime hacker also enjoy game, ah correct me hacker also enjoy hacking a game. What if you can get other gamer's score, more clearly if you can have other player's coc village. Yes it is possible with the help of phishing. Today i am gonna show you how to make phishing of coc in wapka.
Sometime hacking is phishing people in your net, with your skills.
 I am assuming you already know various kind of phishingpopular on internet like facebook phishing, gmail phishing blah blah...
Let's continuous this series of phishing, since it is very easy even a small kid can perform such phishing attack with his mobile. All tedious part on such phishing is convincing victim to signup, which can be easily done by social engineering. The only disadvantage of phishing is very people know such kind of scam so not everyone will trap in your net. But never underestimate the phishing, if it is used with some skills. Anyway i leave all this part on you, and show you how to make phishing page of coc? For simplicity i am using wapka, there other method to make phishing.

Note: It is almost impossible to hack/crack coc. There is no online site which can hack coc and provide your thousands of gems for free. All sites about coc hacking are fake. Never believe on such sites. Yes, xmod and private server may help you a bit.

Clash of Clans phishing tutorial

Step 1: Of course you need a wapka account, so register a new Wapka account or login with your existing account.

Step 2: Now create a new site, it is recommended don't use any existing site, because existing phishing link won't let victim to believe in your site. So create a new site with tempting url, such clash of clan hacking....

Then click on Manage.

Step 3: Now you have 2 modes available (admin mode and user mode), Click on Admin mode.

Step 4: As you click on Admin mode you redirects to a Blank page. It’s blank because till now you did nothing with your newly created site. You need to add codes in your site.

At the Lower right most corner you have a link ::EDIT SITE(#):: click on it.

clash of clans phishing code

Step 5: Now click on (WML/XHTML code).

clash of clans phishing code

Step 6:  Copy all the coc phishing code and paste it into (WML/XHTML code) box and click on Submit button.

clash of clans phishing code

Coc phishing script:

Step 7: It’s all over now send your site link which was created at Step 2 to your victim. Since most never believe on those sites which are ending at .wapka. So you need to short this link and send shorted link to your victim.

As your victim login to your page his/her E-mail and Password sends to your E-mail by which you have created your account at wapka at first step. Now you’ve your victim's email and his village ha ha ha..


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