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How to hack facebook in cybercafe in 10 mints?

facebook hacked in cyber cafe image
Facebook Hacked

A lot of people have been asking for how to hack Facebook? Last time i post about a new tool that can hack facebook account but it work reverse instead of it hack your account. So i m trying to post all method i know about hacking. So in this tutorial i m going to taking advantage of LAN OR WLAN (local Area Network or wireless area network). When you went to a cyber cafe you found LAN connected computer and many user surfing facebook on these computer... that my mind say aha hacking ! so its your time to done that.

Well this is the tutorial that will let you hack not just facebook but any site on your local wifi/LAN.

First on net:A New Tool Can Hack Facebook Accounts 2016 tricks


Hacking facebook account is getting harder and harder, in fact facebook spending daily thousands of million $ in its security. Hacker find way a to hack facebook accounts bu

How to post in all facebook groups in one click 2016?

How to post in multiple groups ?

Today i m going to share most important trick for everyone. When you want to share app referral, that time you need to make some group posts, more you posts more you earn, but posting individually in groups take long time and data.

How to Create your Own free facebook website ?

As you all know, Facebook is currently the top social networking site and is one of the most visited sites online. In India, People spend a lot of time on Facebook chatting with friends and posting updates. A recent survey shows that people in India spend more than 6 hours a day on Facebook.
What If i say, You can create your own Social Networking site Like Facebook for free and that too without having any programming language and earn money by showing ads?

How to Create your Own Site like Facebook for Free?


  • To host your social networking site, You will need some Hosting Space. If you are serious about your Social Networking site, Buy Linux Hosting from top hosting companies like-HostgatorBluehostDreamhost etc.
  • If you are not serious, you can use free hosting offered by http://www.000webhost.com/order.php.


  • If you have purchased a hosting account, log into the cPanel.
  • In cPanel, move to “Software/Services” section and click on “Softaculous” option.


  • In Softaculous, move to “Social Networking” section.
  • Click on  “Open Source Social Network” option. See below given image.

  • Now, You need to install this script. To do this, Click on “Install” button. See below given image:

Step-4 (Guide to Work with Software Set-up Options) 

  • Choose Protocol – If your site has SSL, then choose HTTPS protocol otherwise choosehttp://www protocol.
  • Choose Domain : Choose your domain where you want to install the social networking script.
  • In Directory: If you want to install the social networking script in a directory say “local”, type “local” in the field. Please note that your site will be accessible at http://www.xyz.com/local. If you don’t want to install this script in any sub folder, leave this field blank.
  • Data Directory– Don’t do anything with this field.
  • Database Name: If you want to change the name of Database, type the name of your desired Database. By default, the script selects database name as “ossn…”. If you don’t want to change the name of database, don’t edit the name.
  • Site Name : Enter the name of your site. For example- Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Admin Account: Choose an Admin username, Password, First Name, Last Name, Birth Date, Gender and Admin Email.

Step-5 (Installation)

  • If you have followed all the above four steps, Click on “Install” Button and wait until you see Installation completed message.
  • After the completion of Installation, you would be able to access your site and it will have almost all features of Modern Facebook. If you want to see demo, Click on below given demo button.

Demo of Facebook Like Site

You can customize its look and features through Admin Panel.

My Personal Views about Open Source Social Network

I have seen so many Free Social Networking Site Scripts which claims to provide all features of Facebook. Out of all, I recommend you to use Open Source Social Network because it’s interface and other features looks similar to Facebook.  Like Facebook, this platform also provide you best features like Real time activity notifications, news feed, instant chat,Photo, Video sharing,Blogs, forums, wiki, Groups, events, friends, Comment, tag, rate any kind of content, Privacy and profile customization,Collaboration, file sharing, video-conference tools and much more.
If you want to Create your own site like Facebook, just follow this tutorial. As I informed you earlier, it doesn’t require any coding skills. The installation merely takes 2 minutes. It means, You can create your own Social Networking site like Facebook without having any programming knowledge and that too in 2 minutes for free. Just Give it a try and come back to comment.

why are you here?

How to bypass facebook photo tag verfication?

Many of you facing a problem of photo verification, ah how silly question it is ;) if you don't face it you never be reading this.
Before we start our tutorial i want to share something with you. Facebook restrict several services to certain limits or when the user exceeds its certain limit they put photo tag verification on their account as they see this user as a spammer or with the fake identitiy
There are mainly two methods I found out best to pass this verification.
First method:
Android/Iphone user :
1.You have to download an App called TunnelBear in your apple or Android Phone
2. After downloading create a new account on TunnelBear  Now simply change your current location to country Japan
3.Now the only thing you have to do is to log in your Facebook account facing photo tag verification issue. 
4.It automatically bypasses photo tag verification and asks you for your mobile no to confirm your identity.
You can easily change your country and enter the phone no assigned to Facebook Id. Within seconds, confirmation code arrives. You just have to put this verification code in your account and there is your id.
PC user or non Android user :
Follow below given steps.
1.First go to http://bypasstunnel.com
2.Open facebook.com,log in your Facebook account facing photo tag verification issue. ** Facebook Mobile Version can be open.

3.Now it will ask you for DOB or Mobile Number Verification, fill your DOB or Mobile number and Verify Your Account.

Second method:
The second method is also simple. But it is time taking. 
1.let’s log in to the Facebook account and enter the right captcha. Now your id is asking you to identify your friends from pictures. Actually, they are not their original pictures but those pictures which their friends tag them. 
2.Now you get the total of 5 chances every time and you can also skip two times.
3.Now you have to take screen shots of all 7 pictures and save them as 1a,2a,3a and so on. 
**If you skip two times and take other 5 chances it makes the total of 7 pictures. 
4.Now repeat the process several times and similarly save screenshots You just have to find two similar screenshots now. As you compare two similar pictures take a look at its tags also you will only find one name common in both picture other five are different names. 
5.Note down the common name into a notepad. You have to repeat the above­mentioned procedure much time to find similar screenshots and compiling a list of all true answers. 
Its done :)
***As we all know who suffered from this picture tag verification that Facebook only allow you to try three times a day. You have to come back the after 24 hrs to try again. And to find all possible answers you have to try at least 7­8 times. After finding all possible answers try to bypass photo tag verification by giving Facebook the right answer.
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How to Post In Multiple Facebook Groups In Single Click?


Hello friends i m back for your help, many of us want promote their pages, wants to be friend with larger mass, fb groups are best places for this.but posting single post into all groups take a day.
This tutorial help you in posting and save your time too.


1. First of all you need to join lots of facebook groups related to your blog niche.

2. After getting approval from groups admin we have to collect the facebook e-mail addresses of joined facebook groups.

3. Some groups provide their facebook e-mail address in their group info.Otherwise we have to find the username of the group.We can easily get the username of facebook groups by opening them into our browser.After opening groups you can see group address on our browser address bar.It will something like below link.


4. Copy the username of the facebook group and paste them into notepad.

5. Now its time create facebook groups e-mail address from their usernames.We just need to paste the username just before @groups.facebook.com.Now facebook groups e-mail address look like below e-mail address.


6. Use above steps to create e-mail address for all joined groups and don't forget to separate them with commas(,).After creating e-mail addresses for all groups save them into notepad etc.

7. Now sign in your e-mail address which you have used to create account on facebook.

8. Than click on compose e-mail option.

9. Now copy all facebook groups e-mails and paste them into BCC field.

10. Now compose compose you mail with text,links and images that you want to post.And click on send button.

11. That's it.Now check facebook groups, your message is successfully posted in all groups.

How to make phishing site in 5 step?

This tutorial is all about facebook phishing. The only best known way to hack facaebook account is Phishing because it is so simple, easy and 100 % working.

What we need : 
1. A web hosting site (domain).
2. facebook script.
3. And skills to force your victim to login in you site.

Step 1: First you must need an account for a free webhosting service like byethost.com, 000webhost,com or freeshoting.com You can also get your own free domain at dot.tk/  https://www.zoho.in/

Step 2: Go to your webhost and  choose any name for your site like boostlike.byethost.com.

Step 3 : Now login to your account and go to CONTROL PANEL >> SITE MANAGEMENT >>                 FILE MANAGER>> HTDOCS OR C_HTML and delete all data from folder.

Note >> The above step followed by byethost.com . For different webhost site path can be different use your brain.
If you are beginner then try freehosting.com it is simple to use.

Step 4: Downloads this zip file and extract.

Step 5:  Now uploads  three files (index.html, login.php and log.txt ) that you download in step 4.

Done ! you have your own phishing site. Now sent your phishing link (your site name) to your victim and force him to login.

Note >> Go to your webhost to see email and password of your victim. Your log.txt contain email and password.

Use link shorter to short your phishing link.

Click here to download :Phishing script

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How to Invite All Friends on Facebook

Method 1: Using a Code to Invite All Friends

Go to your Page/Event. 

  • You should see a Invite option,click on it.