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10 Free Internet Tricks working world wide on any networks

Today i am back with some great tricks which you can use to access free internet and no matters what your service provider is or how strong the firewall of your service provider it because if one trick fails you can try another.

Airtel Free internet without reconnecting error and high speed


Welcome Back ! 
If you are a smartphone user you must listen about the free inter net. Yeah this tutorial is about how to get free net with just help of two apps. You must listen about those app but you don't know which setting should be used ?
So let me handle this case. without wasting a sec lets start tutorial.

What you need:

  • Any one app from  1. TroidVPN, 2.DroidVPN (choose any one which work for you)
  • working proxy
  • port
  • Host


For TroidVPN>>

1.Open Troid VPN. Select Any Free Server and Set TCP Port.
 Rport- 443
 Lport- 0

2.Go to advance settings.
Tick mark on ( Use Proxy for TCP Connection )
Proxy host - or
Port - 3128
Host - Host:

Save this setting and connect .

1. Set TCP Port.
Rport- 443
Lport- 0

2.Advance Settings.
Set DNS -

3.Tick mark on ( Use Proxy for TCP Connection)
Proxy host - or
Port - 3128
Host - Host: one.airtel.in/@ or Host: airtellive.com/@

Save and Connect.
Enjoy free net.

For DroidVPN>>

1.Open DroidVPN, create a new account
2 Now Login To Your Account with same email and password that you used to registration.
3 Open Droid Vpn Settings and used these settings:
 Connection Protocol- TCP
 Port Settings - TCP-> 443
4 Now Select HTTP HEADERS and Put This


Now Save It and Select any Server- 1 to 6.
Start free Browsing And Downloading

Yup Enjoy Free Internet . Limit 150-180mb / day

\\Tested In Delhi, Rajasthan, UP & Haryana 100% Working.Use Apn - 3gfun.in

How to Use This TroidVPN Tunnel Client App for Access Free Internet:

Airtel Free Internet Tricks Is 100% Working In All Over India. And Every Airtel Free Internet User Will Know That Using Of Free Internet By OpenVPN Tricks Is Very Interesting Because In This Tricks You Can Access Free Internet, Use Any App And You Can Feel The Experience Of Real/Original Internet That You Use After Recharge Of Internet Data Pack. 

 In This Trick You Can Use/Access All The Internet Required Apps On Your Android Mobile With (0) Zero Balance.

Airtel 3g free internet troidvpn trick nkworld4u

This Airtel Free Internet Trick Is Based On "TroidVPN" Android VPN Client App. TroidVPN Is One Of The Best VPN For Surfing Free Internet In Android Mobiles. In This Trick You Need Not To Download Any Config Files. This Trick Works Same As DroidVPN But TroidVPN Trick Is Much Better Than DroidVPN Trick Because In This Trick You Can Access Free Internet Without Disconnection Problem. And Also You Don’t Need to Sign up An Account in TroidVPN.


1. Use Only With Zero Balance/Maintain Main Balance Rs.0 Zero.
2. Minimum Android Version Is Required: 4.0.3
3. You Can Use This Trick Only With TroidVPN Android App and All the Below Settings Will Be Do In TroidVPN App. 
4. This Trick Only For Airtel Users or Only Work with Airtel SIM. 
5. Use Default Internet Setting Of Airtel (Airtel Internet). Don’t Use Any Proxy In APN Settings. 
6. This Trick Only Work With TCP Port 443. So If TCP 443 Port Is Open In Your State You Can Easily Access Free Internet By Airtel.
7. You Can Also Use UDP Trick with TroidVPN If Any UDP Port Is Open In Your State.
8. Free Users Limit To Use 100 MB Daily. With Unlimited High-Speed. No Speed Capping No Registration Required.


1. First Of All Download TroidVPN Android VPN App

| Download TroidVPN Android VPN Client App 2.6.5 APK File Directly From Here [Size - 4.90 MB] [Android Required - 4.x] |

download button nkworld4u

2. Install And Open It.

Now Change These Settings: 

3. Firstly Click On >> Advanced

Airtel 3g free internet troidvpn trick nkworld4u

4. Now in the Next Screen - Check Mark on >> Use Proxy for TCP Connection.

5. And Fill The Below Following Fields: - 

Proxy Host: Type Any Working VPN Proxy 
Proxy Port: Always Use 3128 Or 8080 Port 
Header: Host: Type Any Free Internet Host

For Example:

Proxy Host: 
Proxy Port: 3128 
Header: host:buddies.airtelmoney.in/ 
<< OR >> 
Header: host: 
<< OR >> 
Header: host:airtelgurus.Com/ - For Blocked SIM Users
Note: Get Working Proxy here: inCloak.com

6. Now Click On >> “Save” And Come Back.

7. Now on the Main Screen of TroidVPN Change and Fill These Following Fields: 

  • 1. Select Server: Free-Gondzilla-7. (Select Any One Free Server from Free Servers) 
  • 2. Rport: 443 
  • 3. Lport: 0 <<OR>> 1024 <<OR>> 8080 
  • 4. Select Protocol: TCP 
  • 5. Check Mark On >> Remember Me 

That's It All the Process Have Been Complete Successfully 

9. Now Click On >> “Connect” 

After Successfully Connected. Enjoy Free Internet. 
 Limited to Use Only > Daily 100 MB Test Data.